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I have so many thoughts and hopes for this website and I love feedback – both good and bad!

I had a great weekend with all three of my kids together for the first time since Christmas break.  Those of you with young ones can’t appreciate how hard that is to do once they are away at school and with lives of their own.

I must confess, I was nervous at first but it all went so well and we even had fun!  It’s hard when everyone is busy, on different schedules, with different agendas …  But there were many times that we were all laughing out loud.

For those who don’t know, I have three wonderful young adults as my children.  Ginny, 24, is the oldest and is studying Sustainability at UF in Gainesville.  Go Gators!  She works as a nanny for two wonderful families who treat her like she is family.  I cannot believe I haven’t met them yet, but that is to come very soon.

Chris, 21, is in the Navy ROTC program at University of Rochester in New York studying Physics, Calculus and Chinese.  Go Yellow Jackets!  He works in a bakery, Vanilla Swirl, and is a wonderful chef as well as baker.  He’s training for a marathon/triathelon.  Hard to keep up with him.  He’s off today to start his diving certification.

Andrew, 18, is going to be a senior at Oasis Charter High School in Cape Coral, Florida.  Go Sharks!  His passion is Marine Biology and hope to pursue that after graduation.  He has his master dive certification and is like most teenagers, loving X-box and Nintendo.

I was fortunate to graduate Medical School from Tuft’s University and complete my residency at New England Medical Center’s Boston Floating Hospital.  There, I learned lots.  The day-to-day with my kids has taught me more than you can imagine.

I hope to share information and insight with you as the days progress.  I’m also open for questions and discussion as long as no personal names or information are exchanged for confidentiality reasons.