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We love our patients and their families, and they love us.

Read what they have to say about their experiences at MacKoul Pediatrics Fort Myers!

  • Christy and Brad W.

    Christy and Brad W.

    Dr. Mackoul and her team have been a God-send. Our kids have multiple medical challenges and when our son was born, we saw a pediatrician from a large physician group. It soon became clear that they were unable to meet our unique challenges. Unsure if a private practice would be a good match, we took a chance. Dr. Mackoul and her team go above and beyond in cases of a simple cold to follow-up on major medical issues.

    Three years ago, at our son’s 7 year well child visit, Dr. Mackoul noted a curvature of his spine and referred us to a specialist. Within a few weeks, my son was at All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg having brain surgery for an underlying issue causing the scoliosis. Within the same month, our daughter was diagnosed with a variation of the same medical issue and Dr. Mackoul was with us every step of the way. She personally called All Children’s Hospital to get us in quickly and called us at the hospital to get status updates with both our children.

    Dr. Mackoul and her office/nursing/MD staff follow-up diligently with obtaining routine labwork, prescriptions, specialist referrals and the staff are always friendly and helpful. We are extremely fortunate to have Dr. Mackoul as our children’s pediatrician and feel that she was placed in our lives for a reason.

  • Mary R.

    Mary R.

    I have been an employee of Dr. Annette St. Pierre-MacKoul’s for 9 years now, and in the same breath my children have been patients of her and Dr. Dana Crater their whole life. Dr. Annette has been both an amazing person to work for and an amazing Doctor to my children. She has always put us first to help with whatever she could whenever she could. My children have had the best care from both her and Dr. Crater.

    Whenever my children were hospitalized, Dr. Annette went above and beyond to make sure she knew what was going on and that my children were comfortable and receiving the best care possible. Dr. Crater is amazing as well! She is a very patient and caring Doctor and always takes her time to make sure everything is to the parent’s satisfaction. Because I am an employee I can see first hand how hard everyone at MacKoul Pediatrics Fort Myers works to make sure all patients get the best possible care. My children, now 8, 5, and 7 months absolutely love the staff and the Doctors! I would not have it any other way!

  • Janet C.

    Janet C.

    Our Family began it’s relationship with Dr. Annette MacKoul in 2004 when we had our first baby boy. In 2007 our second child, our daughter was born. No one could have prepared us for what was to come. Our daughter was diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease, and passed away shortly before her third birthday.

    In 2013 we had our third child, another boy. We were petrified because we had already lost one child to a genetic disease. Although the odds of this child having the same disease was not likely, we knew it was a possibility. A few months after Xavier was born he had similar, but not as severe symptoms as his sister Rylee. Dr. MacKoul calmly told us that we needed to start looking into things, and making sure he was ok. When my son was 10 months old he was also diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease. We felt as if our world was falling apart again. In July of 2014 Xavier lost his battle with this disease as well.

    Our family has been blessed with a well qualified, caring, compassionate, comforting, trustworthy, and accessible pediatrician. Dr. MacKoul has been there for our family, especially our surviving 10 year old son through years of disease, heartache, and triumphs. We are honored that not only is Dr. MacKoul our children’s doctor, but she has also become a supporter, and friend to us.

  • Robin M.

    Robin M.

    It is such an honor to write a testimonial for Dr. MacKoul!! My 3 children have been patients of Dr. Annette for over 7 years now. We all adore and respect Dr. Annette and her staff at MacKoul Pediatrics, Fort Myers!! Dr. Annette is kind, caring and compassionate, in and outside of the office. Dr. MacKoul is not only the best pediatrician in town, but she has a heart of gold. She is so giving, generous, and real! Her care extends further then the walls of her office.

    The care and attention that my children and I receive from her is outstanding. Dr. MacKoul always listens and pays attention to everyone in the room. She never rushes through appointments, and encourages my children to be a part of their own health. She is truly invested in my children. With Dr. Annette, we feel like we are treated like we are a part of HER family. She has the ability to answer difficult questions, support me as the parent, and provide feedback for the health and well-being of her patients. She is one of my angels on Earth!!!

  • Liset F.

    Liset F.

    MacKoul Pediatrics Fort Myers is a wonderful place to work. I work with such a great group of people that it makes it fun to come to work every day. I had not worked in a Pediatrics office before, so I had a lot to learn and an enjoyment to do so. The doctors and manager are wonderful and very family oriented.

    MacKoul Pediatrics Fort Myers listens to the concerns of their parents and patients. They also listen to the employees and they really want to help each employee learn and grow every which way that they can. They are involved in the communities and charities. Having a pediatrics office that will take care of your children, where you feel comfortable, where the staff enjoys their job and who wants to be involved in the community really impacts where we live in a good way.

  • Connie M.

    Dr. Annette St-Pierre MacKoul is always available. She gives personalized service and goes out her way to “problem solve” using  all of her contacts and knowledge to offer multiple solutions. I would highly recommend Dr. Annette St-Pierre MacKoul to anyone! Dr. Dana Crater is an awesome doctor as well! She treats all three of my Children. Dr. Crater is friendly, family oriented and a very humble person who strives to give GREAT patient care. I would recommend MacKoul Pediactrics  Fort Myers to anyone! I’ve been coming to see both Doctors for years. I trust them with my children. The office is punctual at appointments, efficient, and friendly. The staff and doctors provide excellent medical care in a warm environment.

  • Audrey A.

    Dr. MacKoul and Dr. Crater are both wonderful doctors!!! They always put patient care and their needs first. The staff is phenomenal as well.  I was skeptical at first since my children all saw the same pediatrician since birth, but this is one of the best transitions that we have ever made. I recommend both doctors to anyone looking for top of the line care.

  • Titanya A.

    My name is Titanya, and I am one of the newest staff members  here at MacKoul Pediatrics. I enjoy and love working with children, working with Dr. MacKoul and Dr. Crater. You learn so much and it’s an honor to be a part of the team. I am delighted to say that the Doctors here are amazing and my kids think they are pretty cool too!

  • Brianna A.

    Brianna A.

    Dr. MacKoul is, in one word, amazing. She is the most caring and compassionate doctor I have met. My daughter loves her and all the staff at MacKoul Pediatrics. She can’t wait to visit time and time again, she simply adores the staff and doctors. These are the great and wonderful things we have loved since making the switch from a larger practice.