Wear Blue on April 2 for National Autism Awareness Day!

In case you missed it this morning, I was on WINK TV’s XCW discussing Autism and we didn’t have time to get to the two new studies out this week on Autism.

One study was not all that informative in that they were looking at the lack of studies looking at Autism AND racial differences, socioeconomic differences, etc…. They concluded that the best thing for people with autism is to have an individual treatment plan and the typical ‘diversity’ difference doesn’t really apply to those with Autism.

The other study was quite concerning. The title is ‘Autism: early death risk a ‘hidden crisis.” Premature death risk is 2.5 times higher for people with autism. In those with straight autism, and no intellectual disability, death usually occurs 18 years earlier than people without autism. The leading cause of death is suicide.

For those with autism and intellectual disability, they usually die 30 years earlier than those without autism and it is usually from epilepsy. The study concluded that more support is needed for the Autistic Community.

Healthy Kids: Autism Awareness

It Amazes Me How Unhealthy Some Diets Are!

Some good advice for teens:

Safety in the car!

I talk with parents and children daily and cannot believe how many parents allow their children to sit in the front seat despite the recommendations that have been around for decades. As I watched this news clip, I was amazed that it wasn’t said, “If he had been in the back seat as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, this would not have happened.”

I don’t mean to be insensitive, but ‘Who’s the parent?’ It is our job to ensure our child’s health, safety and well being. Do what’s right, not what’s popular.


Free Fundraising Event for the Family!

Saturday, March 5, from 4-7 is the Butterflies of Hope Cupcake Camp 2016! It takes place at Il Primo Pizza and Wings, 13401 Summerlin Rd., Fort Myers, 33919.

We ask that as many of you that can bake, bake! Get creative, make something crazy tasty, or if regular cupcakes is your specialty, that’s great too!

Competition will occur for the Most Creative Cupcake and Best All Around Cupcake. There will be a Chinese Auction and Possible Silent Auction. There will also be a lollipop tree this year. Popcorn will be a popping too!

Cupcake drop off is between 1-3 at Il Primo for set up.

Contact my office for any questions. Hope to see you there!