Two Local Children Win National Heartstrings Award!

In case you missed it, I was on WINK TV’s XCW this morning announcing the Second Annual Heartstrings Award for the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation! Our local children, Andrew Andersen and Makenzie Lawrey have won the award! They are on a million dollar mission to raise funds and awareness for Mitochondrial Disease (Mito). Andrew, better known as Drew, has lost 2 siblings (Rylee and Xavier) to Mito, and Makenzie’s brother, Gavin is presently fighting the disease. Gavin is well known around our community; he is the blonde haired boy in the green cape and mask on all the billboards for the Children’s Hospital.

Congratulations to these two wonderful children:

Healthy Kids: Heartstrings Award

To help this wonderful cause:

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Immunizations and Back to School

Last week was National Immunization Week and with the school year coming to a close, I thought we’d visit Immunizations and what’s needed to get your kids ready for school. In case you missed it, I was on WINK TV’s XCW this morning talking about just this:

Healthy Kids: Immunizations

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