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The Southwest Florida Community recognizes that MacKoul Pediatrics Fort Myers is first in volunteerism in our area. Having done regular spots with ABC-7 and WINK-TV, Dr. Annette M. St. Pierre-MacKoul, MD has made it her mission to educate the public, keep the community aware of current research and changes, and answer any and all questions posed to her.

We feel that we are a team in the care of your child. Communication is key! Children don’t come alone; they have families that come with them and we love to make the process of raising healthy, self-sufficient, self-confident young adults easier.

The study of Pediatrics has prevention as a key element! Preventive health care stops accidental injury and death. Immunizations are an integral part of keeping our children alive and disease-free.

We look forward to caring for your family. Click any photo to learn more about our Physicians and staff!