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Christy and Brad W.

Christy and Bradley W. Family Portrait

Dr. Mackoul and her team have been a God-send. Our kids have multiple medical challenges and when our son was born, we saw a pediatrician from a large physician group. It soon became clear that they were unable to meet our unique challenges. Unsure if a private practice would be a good match, we took a chance. Dr. Mackoul and her team go above and beyond in cases of a simple cold to follow-up on major medical issues.

Three years ago, at our son’s 7 year well child visit, Dr. Mackoul noted a curvature of his spine and referred us to a specialist. Within a few weeks, my son was at All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg having brain surgery for an underlying issue causing the scoliosis. Within the same month, our daughter was diagnosed with a variation of the same medical issue and Dr. Mackoul was with us every step of the way. She personally called All Children’s Hospital to get us in quickly and called us at the hospital to get status updates with both our children.

Dr. Mackoul and her office/nursing/MD staff follow-up diligently with obtaining routine labwork, prescriptions, specialist referrals and the staff are always friendly and helpful. We are extremely fortunate to have Dr. Mackoul as our children’s pediatrician and feel that she was placed in our lives for a reason.

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