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The best healthy snack for kids

So many benefits! In one ounce of walnuts, there is:
4.8 gm of protein
7% of your dietary fiber
11% magnesium
4% iron
10% vitamin B6
Omega 3 fatty acids
There are benefits:
Heart health – decreases fat deposits in your arteries.
Aging – antioxidants decrease wrinkles and cell damage.
Slows down cancer – antioxidants decrease cell damage – especially colon cancer.
Improves quality and motility of sperm – important if you are trying to get pregnant.
Brain health – slows down deterioration (as in Alzheimer’s) and helps focus and comprehension.
Diabetes – decreases insulin levels.
Improves sleep quality – contains melatonin.
Arthritis -improves inflammation.
Natural antiperspirant – tannins from walnut leaves – boil them and then use as a wash. Shrinks sweat gland
and helps with sweaty palms of the hands and soles of the feet.
Tightening pores – tannins from walnut leaves – boil them and use them for acne and wrinkles.
Soft skin – linolenic acid is a good emollient.
Facial scrub – with walnut meal – can even use the shells for a pedicure – removes damaged skin.
Hair falling out and hair growth – omega 6 fatty acids – strengthens hair follicles and prevents hair from
falling out when using walnut oil.
Dandruff treatment – walnut oil on the scalp.