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Traveling with children continued …

You don’t want to overwhelm your child. So when on a plane, give them one toy to play with at a time. When they are bored with that toy, put it away and introduce another. For planes, videos including their favorite movie and one they haven’t seen yet, are helpful. Interactive electronic apps for your phone or video games can save you many times. Then also have some old favorites like crayons / markers and paper, cards, dice, or quiet games. It would also be a good idea to get a good set of headphones so that others are not disturbed.

While traveling, make sure you schedule enough ‘down time’ so your children can relax. Trying to keep their usual schedule as far as sleeping and meals will help avoid cranky children and meltdowns. Be reasonable, if you think your child will hate a activity, hire a sitter (most hotels have a list or agency they use or have a ‘child care center’ associated with the hotel ). Don’t set yourself up for failure.

Get everywhere early! Children tend to be slow and need to explore their environment. Allow enough time to let them go at their own pace. Plan ahead- don’t leave things to chance. Give your child a camera and them document the trip. Don’t be afraid to use public transportation – children love buses, trams and trains. Avoid sweets – they can get your child irritable and hyperactive.

As your child gets older, allow them to be involved in the planning. Happy traveling this summer!