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Summer Safety!

Summer safety

Summer vacation is here for our children of Southwest Florida! Here with some tips to make your summer safe with your family is Dr. Annette St. Pierre-MacKoul.


SPF between 30 and 50

Apply a half hour before exposure

Typical adult uses 2 ounces each time

Re-apply often and after water exposure

Sticks are great for the face

Sweat-proof for exercising

>15 – 30 minutes of sun exposure

Avoid peak hours of 10 – 3

Many clothing brands have SPF

Insect repellent:

Use DEET containing product ‘for families or children’

Spray your clothes before getting dressed.

Spray exposed areas of skin

Separate from sunscreen application by 20 min.

Lightweight clothing

Dusk and Dawn Avoidance

Water Safety:

Supervision, supervision, supervision!

Cell phone and Hook / Safety ring

Fencing around pools


Swimming Classes

Children can drown in inches of water!

First Aid for Sunburns:

Moisturize / Aloe while wet

NSAID’s to decrease inflammation

Cool down the skin – lukewarm bath / compresses


First Aid for Insect Bites:

2 reactions can occur – immediate and delayed.

Benadryl by mouth every 6 hours for 48 hours

+/- loratadine or cetirizine

Calamine lotion for the bites

Heat Safety:

Limit exposure with strenuous activity


Shaded areas

Try to have dry clothing