Depression and Heart Disease

I was on WINK TV’s XCW discussing lead paint poisoning, heart disease and depression along with reading to your baby.

Food Allergy Testing

I was on WINK – TV’s XCW discussing allergies to food and testing. We do allergy testing in the office and have had lots of great results with the testing and therapies.

In case you missed it this morning on Wink TV …

I discussed Water versus Energy Drinks.

We didn’t get to everything, so here is the ‘nitty-gritty:’
Hydration: Water vs. Sports Drinks:

Exercise < 60 minutes + Low Intensity = water Exercise < 60 minutes + High Intensity = diluted sports drink Exercise > 60 minutes + Low Intensity = water should be OK
Exercise > 60 minutes + High Intensity = sports drink
Why use Sports Drinks:

Electrolytes = regulate nerves and muscles
Carbohydrates = restore the body’s glycogen – or fuel – levels
Water = hydration
Helps the body achieve optimal performance during exercise
All electrolytes are not equal: Sodium

Sodium is the most important = Salt
Helps the body hold onto, and supply the body with, water
Guideline = 2300 mg per day
Average intake = 3000 mg
In processed foods – not recommended
In beverages like ‘sports drinks’
Women are more sensitive than men
Best Absorption by the stomach and intestines:

Cold fluids
Less sugar
Low carbohydrates (6-8%)
OK to dilute Sports Drinks
Goal: rehydration vs. energy replenishment
Gatorade G2 vs. Gatorade vs. Powerade:

20 vs. 50 vs. 50 calories per serving (8 oz)
110 vs. 110 vs. 100 mg sodium
30 vs. 30 vs. 30 (same) mg potassium
5 vs. 14 vs. 14 grams of carbohydrates
Coconut Water:

43 calories per serving (8oz)
39 mg of sodium
495 mg of potassium
11 grams of carbohydrates
Potassium is less important than sodium
Endurance Sports Drinks:

50 – 70 calories per 8 oz.
120-190 mg of sodium
13 – 17 gm of carbohydrates
How much to drink?

Pee check = should be light lemonade
Weight divided by 2 = # oz you should drink a day.
Before exercise, take in 16-24 oz fluid
Add 1 cup every 15 min. of exercising
Add 1-2 cups after exercising
Another check:

Weigh yourself before and after exercising
Every pound lost = replenish with 2.5 cups of fluid
Never lose more than 3% of body weight (4.5 lbs for 150 lb person)

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