New Office Policy!



Please talk with your children about cell phones.  Specifically, the following:  in doctors’ offices, cell phones should be off or silenced.  Telephone calls can wait.  Text messages can wait.  When someone is talking with you, do not look at your phone; do not text someone; do not refuse to turn off your phones; do not say, ‘I’m listening,’ while texting someone on your phone.  You are raising children who are the definition of ‘disrespectful.’

I have started a new policy.  If your child is not willing to put the phone down, I will come back when they will.  I will not compete with electronics.  I feel it is so sad that I have to do something like this when parents should be the ones teaching their children what is right and wrong.

The phones can also interfere with medical equipment!

Annette St. Pierre-MacKoul

8/30/11 A Day in the Office

I was lucky to only have worked this morning today! Today for illness, I am seeing some ear infections, sore throats, coughs, and some children with muscle and joint pains with lethargy. Most of these are viruses – meaning that they will get better on their own.

Ear infections are always treated with antibiotics but the remainder of the above will get better with symptomatic treatments. In other words, trying to make the symptoms better while the body fights off the viruses.

For my well check-ups, lots of discussion today about making sure that we, as parents, take enough ‘me’ time and be the best we can be. Discipline was also a topic that came up more than once. I am a big fan of Redirecting Children’s Behavior. Discipline means ‘to teach.’ Punishment is ‘punitive.’ Pick 2 or 3 behaviors to work on and once one is better, add another.

Education and thinking about the future rounded my day to an end. Be involved with your children’s school and educational goals. Always remember – you are never stuck in a situation. You can always make a change.

Today my facebook pages are focusing on positive attitudes!

Get plenty of sleep to start tomorrow fresh!