Back to school

Back to school – part 2

Insect bites and how to handle them!

Insect bites!

Ouch! Mosquitoes are annoying, pesky & and you just want to slap them! The bites can itch for days 🦟 Plus, we're in rainy season so they're out and about & more of them breed and grow.Dr. Annette St. Pierre-MacKoul with MacKoul Pediatrics Fort Myers was with us on #MOREINTHEMORNING this morning to talk about the pesky prevention.

Posted by ABC7 Southwest Florida on Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Home remedies that actually work!


Chances are you have them in your home — and they could help you in a multitude of ways! It's HEALTHY LIVING Wednesday — so we're talking all things natural remedies with Dr. Annette St. Pierre-MacKoul from MacKoul Pediatrics Fort Myers #GETMORE HEALTHY LIVING — every Wednesday at 9 a.m. ONLY on ABC7 Southwest Florida

Posted by ABC7 Southwest Florida on Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Best Patient Award!

Now, when you come to MacKoul Pediatrics Fort Myers, your children will be rewarded with our Best Patient Award! A certificate for a free donut at Bennett’s Fresh Roast!

Mitochondrial Medicine Week!

Petting Zoos and Water Parks:

Summer Update 06/20/2019

Hello All,

The office is in full swing with the Summer Schedule! School Physicals, Sports Forms, Camp Physicals, School Medication Forms and Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Screenings! I hope everyone is having a fun and safe summer following the guidelines set out by the American Academy of Pediatrics! Two hours of exercise per day, less than two hours of screen time per day and one hour of brain exercise per day – don’t forget that brain! I am in the office full-time; that is, Monday through Friday from 8:00 – 5:00 with a few exceptions for my mental stability. Don’t worry, if I am ever out of the office, I have a wonderful replacement with whom I would trust my own children.

I am also active in our community through volunteerism, including weekly segments on ABC-7 Wednesday mornings at 9:15, along with my Board Position on an International Not-For Profit, The United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation. As Treasurer of The Lee County Medical Society, I am also involved with all the wonderful service they provide to Southwest Florida. Other activities are too numerous to mention in this update, but suffice it to say, MacKoul Pediatrics Fort Myers is your Pediatric Source!

My staff and I are here to serve you 24/7. The office telephone number is always your ‘go-to!’ 239-415-1131

Annette M. St. Pierre-MacKoul, MD

New chapter in my life!

I am so fortunate to be able to do what I love! I thank everyone for all the positive feedback given in the last week. I am lucky enough to announce a new chapter in my life / career. This morning, I start with ABC. I hope to continue my love of educating my families and the community. Tune in at 9:15!

Calling all students starting VPK Programs in August, 2019

Hello to all my wonderful patients and families,

I was at Early Childhood Learning and Head Start’s Meeting yesterday and found out some information. Every student starting VPK will need a height, weight, vision and hearing screen within the first 45 days of school. To assist these programs in meeting this goal, I am inviting all the current patients in MacKoul Pediatrics Fort Myers Practice to come in for a visit at no cost to you. We will fill out the required paperwork that you will need to bring to your school. This will lessen the burden on the already overworked programs helping our children succeed in their educational goals.

To further clarify, this visit can take place between July 1 and September 24 in order to get the forms to school within the time limit. To arrange this, please call my office and mention that you would like to arrange the VPK paperwork visit and we will get you a time to be seen. Have a wonderful end of school year and summer!

Annette St. Pierre-MacKoul, MD


The best healthy snack for kids

So many benefits! In one ounce of walnuts, there is:
4.8 gm of protein
7% of your dietary fiber
11% magnesium
4% iron
10% vitamin B6
Omega 3 fatty acids
There are benefits:
Heart health – decreases fat deposits in your arteries.
Aging – antioxidants decrease wrinkles and cell damage.
Slows down cancer – antioxidants decrease cell damage – especially colon cancer.
Improves quality and motility of sperm – important if you are trying to get pregnant.
Brain health – slows down deterioration (as in Alzheimer’s) and helps focus and comprehension.
Diabetes – decreases insulin levels.
Improves sleep quality – contains melatonin.
Arthritis -improves inflammation.
Natural antiperspirant – tannins from walnut leaves – boil them and then use as a wash. Shrinks sweat gland
and helps with sweaty palms of the hands and soles of the feet.
Tightening pores – tannins from walnut leaves – boil them and use them for acne and wrinkles.
Soft skin – linolenic acid is a good emollient.
Facial scrub – with walnut meal – can even use the shells for a pedicure – removes damaged skin.
Hair falling out and hair growth – omega 6 fatty acids – strengthens hair follicles and prevents hair from
falling out when using walnut oil.
Dandruff treatment – walnut oil on the scalp.