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All the Information about Formula Recalls!

Our deepest sympathies to the infant’s family who died this week.  Our prayers are with another infant’s family who is ill in Missouri as well.  Due to the two infants falling ill in the same state who drank the same formula, Walmart voluntarily withdrew the formula from their shelves.

The rare infection is Cronobacter sakazakii.  It is not a rare bacteria, but rarely causes serious infection.

The issue in these two cases is that any infection in an infant less than three months old can be fatal. 

The links below tell the whole story.  Most important is not to panic.  Prevention is key.  This bacteria can be found in powdered milk and formula, as well as plants, wheat, and rice.

Sterilize your baby’s bottles.  Use liquid formula.  Sterilize water – boil to greater than 160 degrees.  Wash your hands before handling your baby’s bottles and formula.