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New Office Policy!



Please talk with your children about cell phones.  Specifically, the following:  in doctors’ offices, cell phones should be off or silenced.  Telephone calls can wait.  Text messages can wait.  When someone is talking with you, do not look at your phone; do not text someone; do not refuse to turn off your phones; do not say, ‘I’m listening,’ while texting someone on your phone.  You are raising children who are the definition of ‘disrespectful.’

I have started a new policy.  If your child is not willing to put the phone down, I will come back when they will.  I will not compete with electronics.  I feel it is so sad that I have to do something like this when parents should be the ones teaching their children what is right and wrong.

The phones can also interfere with medical equipment!

Annette St. Pierre-MacKoul