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8-31-11: What’s Going Around?

Full day in the office today brought many injuries.  From thumbs to ankles to knees, I saw just about every injury there could be.  Remember for any injury:

R = Rest, I = Ice, C = Compression, and E = Elevation.  RICE.  For the older kids, an aleve twice a day for seven days works great as well.

Some developmental issues came up.  Stuttering was a big discussion.  Stuttering is pretty common among children.  It is only concerning when it lasts for more than 6 weeks.  Be patient with your child;  don’t try to finish their words for them;  don’t tell them to relax.  Allow them to have their thoughts and contact your doctor if it goes on for more than 6 weeks.

Also with lots of calls from parents about various topics.  Remember that you, your child and your doctor are a team.  We need to communicate and discuss options and possibilities. 

Tomorrow I’m on WINK-TV’s CW 6 at 7:40 discussing two articles published today about brain development in children.  See you then.